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Do you read online reviews? We do, and so do other customers. That’s why we’d love it if you take a few moments to review your experience with us. Leaving us a review of the work we performed helps us understand where we can improve as well as how we satisfied your needs. Submit your review by visiting one of our local listing reviews sites by clicking the icons below.

I had a freak accident involving my dog getting into the grease trap in my BBQ and throwing up on my carpet. It’s really gross, I know. I called up Jesse (the owner) and he was eager to get to my place as fast as possible. He was in and out in 15 minutes and there’s not a trace of the stain left.

Pace checks all the boxes for me: He gets there quick, shows up on time, works fast, is affordable, clearly does his best to get the job done, and is very friendly. I can’t imagine ever having a job go bad for him because he really puts the needs of his customers above everything else.

Mike C.

Jesse did a great job for us on a rental property. The carpet was filthy with pet stains and it came out WAY better than expected! I would recommend to anyone.

Jenny B.

Amazing owners, honest and will do it right! Highly recommended.

Sam W.

We’ve used Pace Cleaning Systems for all our jobs (big, small, commercial, residential). Love the price, the service, and the results.

Lucas R.

Jesse cleaned out microfiber couch which was super dirty and stained and it looks incredible! He was so fast and professional. He is all we will ever use!

KaDee H.

A great honest fair guy who works hard to do the job right.

Laura G.

Very professional and the carpet looked great. Thank you

Lori P.

I am so happy with my carpets. Jesse and Eric were efficient and thorough in their job. I really appreciated the professionalism they exhibited while in my home. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing this service.

Paula S.

I was so happy with the service I received. Carpets looked great! Jesse got stains out that I had given up hope on. I will call them again for sure. I would totally recommend them.

Katie B.

Jesse cleaned our carpets and they have never looked better!!

Paige M.

We have used Pace Cleaning twice now and will always be a return customer. On one occasion we had bright blue paint spilling down a flight of stairs and onto light colored carpet on the landing. Jesse was efficient, gave advice over the phone, and worked hard for 2 hours into the early morning hours. Because of him, we didn’t need to replace our carpet!

Aleena A.

I had paint, foundation AND lipstick all over my bedroom floor from a curious toddler. He was able to get all three stains out in record timing the day after I called him. He is very professional and thorough. I wanted my carpet to look better by the time he left, but didn’t even imagine it would all come out! It looked like a brand new carpet! SO PLEASED with his service!!!

Kylee M.

Jesse has cleaned several of my vehicles and I am never disappointed. I recommend his services to EVERYONE who wants a quality and thorough clean for auto and home floors.

Austin R.

Jesse and his crew take the time to do the job right! And not only that, they follow up to make sure you are happy and satisfied! Plus their price is very competitive! Keep up the great work!

Mike E.

I’ve know the Pace family for years, Jesse primarily, outstanding and honest individual. He does what he says he’ll do!

Andy J.

I highly recommend these guys for their carpet cleaning service. They’re affordable, quick and the results are great. I’ve worked with Jesse as well as his wife Natalie and they are awesome to work with. Nothing but good things to say about Pace Cleaning & Restoration!
Garrett K.

Jessie is top notch! You won’t be disappointed. Nothing like clean carpets.


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